Pathology, Alzheimer's and Related Diseases Study (PARDoS)

The overall goals of PARDoS is to discover the molecular genomic mechanisms responsible for the development of Alzheimer's disease and related disease with a focus on genes of African ancestry. PARDoS serves as a platform for investigators interested in using the data and biospecimens in support of a wide range of studies of aging and neurodegenerative diseases that incorporate ancestry. PARDoS is led by investigators at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) in Chicago, IL., USA. It is a collaboration between RUMC, the Instituto de Assistencia Medica ao Servidor Publico Estadual (IAMSPE), the Núcleo de Estudos, Pesquisa e Assessoria à Saúde (NEPAS), and the Santo Andre Autopsy Service. It is funded by the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health.

Staff and Faculty